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Are you Scared of the Tax Authorities?

The IRS and NYS Department of Taxation and Finance wield the authority and power of the government. In the past, the IRS and NYSDTF would garnish wages and levy assets. However, in recent years the Tax Authorities have acquired the ability to strip away privileges that most of us take for granted. NYSDTF can suspend your New York State Driver’s License for taxes owed, and the IRS can revoke your passport for unpaid taxes.

Do Not fear the IRS or NYS.

The people working for the tax authorities are regular folks and not out to maliciously hurt anyone. The ability to suspend your driver’s license or revoke your passport are tools necessary to get otherwise non-compliant taxpayers into installment agreements and to collect outstanding tax debts. Additionally, you have statutory rights. If you receive mail from the IRS or NYS do not ignore it, and if necessary KEEP CALM AND HIRE A TAX ATTORNEY.  If you need help or want to speak with a tax attorney,  please contact us. 

  • Attention New Yorkers: If You Do Not Pay Your Taxes, You Could Lose the Privilege to Drive!

    New York State Department of Tax and Finance - Driver License Suspension Program

    NY Driver’s License May be Suspended for Delinquent Unpaid Tax Debts

    Since 2013 the Department of Taxation and Finance (“Tax Department”) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) have been working collectively in furtherance of a Driver’s License Suspension Program. This program takes the position that driving is a privilege and if you do not pay your taxes, you could lose that privilege. Taxpayers who owe $10,000 or more in delinquent taxes to New York State may find themselves in a position to either start paying or have their driver’s license suspended indefinitely. READ MORE

    DO NOT LOSE YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE DUE TO UNPAID TAXES! If you need assistance please call: (212) 520-2906.   DO NOT WAIT! Once you receive the Notice of Proposed Driver’s License Suspension Referral (Form/Letter DTF-454) take prompt action or risk losing your NYS Driver’s License due to unpaid taxes.

  • Owe $50,000 in back taxes and risk losing your Passport [IRS Passport Revocation Program]

    IRS Passport Revocation

    U.S. Passports May Be Revoked For Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt

    IRC § 7345: “Revocation or Denial of Passport in case of Certain Tax Delinquencies” was added to the Internal Revenue Code in December of 2015.  This law gives the IRS the ability to certify taxpayers that owe: seriously delinquent tax debt.  The IRS will transmit taxpayers certificate to the Secretary of State having the effect of revoking the taxpayer’s passport.  READ MORE

Unfiled Tax Returns

If you do not file your Income Tax Return(s) you may be leaving money on the table!

There is a statute of limitations on obtaining income tax refunds. If you are due a tax refund you must file a tax return to claim refund within 3 years of the filing deadline or alternatively two years from the date the tax was paid.  If you need assistance with income tax return preparation, please contact us

Filing Late or Delinquent Tax Return(s) Sooner is Better than Later  

If there is a balance due on your delinquent but soon to be filed tax returns you will also get hit with interest and penalties.  Therefore, the sooner you file your delinquent tax returns the better.  Additionally, the statute of limitation stopping the IRS from auditing a tax period does not begin to run until a tax return is filed. 

Do not wait for the IRS or NYS to generate a Substitute Tax Return  

If you “forget” to file your income tax return the IRS and NYS may file a tax return for you based on information reported by 3rd parties.  How are they able to do this? When you receive tax forms the most common being W2s & 1099s the tax authorities also receive this information.  The information reported to the IRS may be used to generate Substitute Tax Returns (STR) for taxpayers who have not filed a tax return. You do not want the IRS preparing your tax return! The IRS is not providing you with a service or doing you any favors.  The IRS will only generate a Substitute Tax Return if doing so will create a tax bill.  Additionally, the amount assessed may not be the correct amount of tax due – when the IRS produces a substitute tax return usually deductions will not be claimed that would have been claimed if the taxpayer prepared the tax return.

You may find yourself in Collections because of non-filed Tax Return(s) 

Any Substitute Tax Returns prepared by the IRS will create a proposed assessment.  If no action is taken the proposed assessment becomes a tax bill, which, if unpaid, will trigger the collections process. Which can include your bank account being levied, your wages be garnished, and your passport being revoked.  

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