IRS Notice & Account Monitoring Service


If you received a tax notice that requires a timely response doing nothing may be costly. 

Peter Alizio created a Guide to Responding to IRS Letters & Notices that provided useful information to individuals who may have received a tax notice.  However, some individuals feel more comfortable having a tax professional look over the notice.  Alizio Law has begun offering IRS Notice & Account Monitoring a service providing electronic monitoring of your IRS account. Additionally, we will receive a copy of tax notices addressed to you, read those notice(s), and email you.


This service includes an IRS Account Analysis Report.   

The Fine Print

In order to take advantage of this product you (the taxpayer) must provide us with an IRS Form 8821. This form allows us to access your historical tax data with the IRS through an Intermediate Service Provider software. Only Alizio Law [1] and/or Alizio Tax [2] will have access to your data. At no time will your data be shared with third parties.

This Product is not insurance and does not cover the additional services required to address any of the detected events. Services such as IRS Representation, amending your tax returns, or any other services performed by a tax professional will be covered under a separate engagement and require an additional fee. No additional services or fees will be started without the taxpayer consent.


This product does not guarantee to detect audits in advance but has proven historically to detect audits over 95% of the time. Occasionally the IRS flags a tax payer’s account for an exam/audit, but for whatever reason the exam/audit does not take place.

[1] Alizio Law, PLLC

[2] Alizio Tax & Consulting Services, LLC


IRS Tax Notice Monitoring Monitoring