Income Tax Return PreparationDo you need help preparing your Income Tax Returns?

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In-House Tax Preparation Service

Offering In-House Tax Preparation Services

Alizio Tax & Consulting Services

Alizio Law, PLLC is unique in that we are a law firm that offers in-house tax preparation services through Alizio Tax & Consulting Services LLC.

We prepare the following Income Tax Returns:

Individual Tax Returns

Partnership Tax Returns

Corporation Tax Return

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Second Opinion – Complimentary Review of Prior Year Tax Returns

Do you need to Amend a Previously Filed Tax Return?

Income Tax Return Preparation – The Process

New Clients receive a free in-person or telephone consultation.  If after the consultation you want to move forward with us you will be given an engagement letter explaining the scope of the tax return engagement.  After the engagement letter is signed and out of the way, you have three options in which to send us your tax documents:

  1. drop off documents at our office;
  2. mail documents;
  3. upload documents via our secure link.

Once tax documents have been received your tax return will be entered into our system to be prepared.  The tax return being prepared will be assigned to a tax preparer who will enter tax documents into our tax preparation software and construct an open item list.  The open item list will be emailed to client and all tax preparation will stop until open items are resolved.  A typical open items list would be tax preparation questions or requests for additional tax documents that have not yet been provided to us. After open items have been addressed a draft tax return will be sent to the client for review and any corrections will be subsequently made. A final tax return and e-file authorizations will then be sent to client to sign.


Income Tax Return – Fee Schedule

The tax preparation fees below are typical and minimums.  Actual fees may vary and are based upon the higher of the minimum fee or our standard hourly rate.  We do our best to keep fees as low as possible.  However, each client’s situation is different and may require more or less time.

Individual Tax Returns:

  • Form 1040 – Minimum Return Fee $250 (included NY IT-201), Schedule A & B
  • Form 1040 + $100 for Married Filling Joint Tax Returns.
  • Schedule C + $250
  • Schedule D + hourly rate will vary depending on # of transactions.
  • Schedule E + $150, Each Rental Property
  • Schedule E + $50, Each K-1
  • Additional State Tax Return + $150
  • Form IT-204LL + $25 for a SMLLC

Our Standard Hourly Rate: 

  •  Tax Preparation (non-legal) – $300 an hour billed in 15-minute increments.

Referral Discounts:

  • 10% discount on your tax preparation fee for each tax preparation referral (non-legal referrals).

Partnership Tax Returns:

  • Form 1065 – Minimum Fee $500 (2 partners) (included NY IT-204)
  • Every Additional Partner + $100
  • Form IT-204LL + $100 for multi-member LLC

C-Corp Tax Returns:

  • Form 1120 – Minimum Fee $750

S-Corp Tax Returns:

  • Form 1120S – Minimum Fee $750

Form 1096/1099:

  • Prepare Form 1099 – $100 for the first form, $25 for each additional form.